Scrap Metal collections


Here at RICHARDSON & SON'S we provide two types metal collection services:


Residential and Industrial Collections from small items such as; old broken Hoovers/DVD Players to large scale (end of life/unwanted) industrial equipment.


RICHARDSON & SON'S are fully registered with the Governments Environmental agency, Metropolitan Police and licensed as a Scrap Metal Collector with Bexley Council and Greenwich Council. We supply all transfer paperwork upon collections when required, Making the transfer a simple and straight forward process. 


We promise that all items collected by us will be disposed of correctly and legally at registered recycling centres.



Recycling & The Environment

There are many companies that collect old, scrap metal, but none of them have our commitment to recycling. Recycling is extremely important for the safety of our future when it comes to the availability of resorces.


By recycling your waste material you are not only helping to reduce carbon emissions, but your helping to reduce the over production and mining of raw minerals. Recycling is also tremendously important when it comes to saving energy, the less energy that is used in the production of refining raw minerals and the over all metal industry, it can seriously reduce pollution and the added need to find extra land fill spaces.




Environmental Waste Licence Number:




Bexley Scrap Metal Collectors Licence Registration:




Greenwich Scrap Metal Collectors License Registration:




Arrange a collection

Use our online booking service to arrange a collection, or call us direct to discuss arrangements for any special requirments. 


Our Aim

Our aim Is to save you money, we offer a free metal collection service as we recover all costs by means of stripping, separating and sorting the metal for recycling and therefore off setting the costs of the collection as we sell the recyclable material on.